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Renovating a Carport into a Garage

If you have a carport at your place but are looking to turn it into something a little more useful, like a garage, there are a few things you may need to consider first. Knowing exactly what you hope to get out of the transformation will make it a whole lot easier to make happen, so think carefully about what it is you hope to get before you even begin your planning. The following looks at just some of the main things you should consider when turning a carport into a garage.

Check the building code

Before you do anything else, make sure you are allowed to have a garage built, as depending on your property and the regulations of your local city council, you may not be allowed to do it. Pretty much any building structure on your property needs the approval of a building inspector and your local city council, so have a look at their guidelines before you come up with your plan, and find out exactly what you need to do to get approval. This way, you are a far better chance of having your plans approved quickly by the council building inspector when it comes time to submit them.

Make sure it is big enough

Your carport may be the perfect size for your car, but make sure it is large enough to make a good garage, because when it is enclosed it might not be big enough to even get out of your car. If it seems your carport is a little too low or narrow to make for much of a garage, you can always raise the roof or widen the concrete slab, though both of these options will mean extra time and money. If you have your heart set on a particular type of garage door, you may need to create some room, because some options, like garage roller doors, can require some space, especially if you want a garage remote.

Plan your electricity

If you plan on making your garage into a bit of a workshop as well, make that you carefully plan exactly where your electrical outlets will be, and that you are talking to your electrician to ensure your plans are actually doable.

DIY vs. professional jobs

If you are a handy type of person, you can definitely convert your carport to a garage yourself, but if you aren’t great with your hands and want to make sure you get it done right, call in your local builder. Converting a carport into a garage is a relatively small job for someone who knows what they are doing, so for the price it is well worth just calling in the professionals.

Turning your carport into a garage will add a huge amount of value to your home, as well as provide you with a safe place to keep your car, store some of your belongings, or even establish a workshop. Regardless of what you do with your new garage, just having your car parked off the street will likely save you a bit of money on your insurance. So if you have a carport and want to make something more of it, convert it into a garage.

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